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The Committee
Members of the club come from all walks of life.  The same goes for our committee.  The committee meet on the first Thursday of each month, generally at 7.30pm at the Manor Park Club (normally in the bar).

Some sports are considered to be elitist - we're not.  We want our club to be accessible to all.  Whether you're retired, at school, working or not - everyone is welcome.

We've asked our committee to write a little about themselves to give you some idea that we really are a mixed bunch!

Ashley Collins, Chairman
I am fairly new to archery having begun in earnest in September 2005, here at Malvern.

After a few beers one night I let it slip that I had chaired a meeting or two and before I knew it I was catapulted to the dizzy heights of Chairman. Many have commented that it is a shame that my scores haven’t followed the same trajectory!

I was born in the year Jimi Hendrix died (although reincarnation was a bit much to ask for), was bred in Worcester, and then moved around the country as an idle student before running to the hills of Malvern. Here I found a job in waste management, which for Sopranos fans is not a euphemism for the local mafia, and decided to settle. My wife then sent me on an archery course as a wedding anniversary present and has thoroughly regretted it ever since!

My other hobbies include clay pigeon shooting, listening to music, playing various instruments and drinking real ale, some of which are compatible!

Allan South, Secretary
Although I did some archery at school, I started to shoot seriously in 1980 at Cranford Archery Club in West London. Since then, partly due to changing jobs and moving around the country, I have belonged to a number of clubs in Middlesex, Berkshire, Hampshire, and now Worcestershire.  I was a good shot once, a Master Bowman for six years, and used to attend many of the country's biggest tournaments, but now that I'm old and decrepit I seem to spend more time on administration than I do actually shooting.  I have been on club committees almost the whole time I have been in the sport, and also on County committees for Middlesex and now Worcestershire, as well as the West Midlands Regional Council.

When I do shoot, it is with a recurve bow, but by the time you read this, I may have changed to longbow, and started having fun again.

Colin Levy, Treasurer
I am a retired police officer having served for 30 years in the metropolitan police.

I started shooting in 1975 when I joined a large archery club in Middlesex.  I moved from there to a much smaller club in Hertfordshire in 1980 also changed disciplines from a recurve bow to the more technically advanced compound bow.  This change of bow seemed to suit me and a great improvement in my scores occurred.  Over the following 10 years I regularly shot in the county squad and was County indoor champion on one occasion.

During the 80's I helped to restart the metropolitan police archery club and was their Secretary up until my retirement in 1993.  I became an archery coach on 1991.  I moved to Worcestershire and joined Malvern Archers in 2002 and became Club treasurer the following year.  Although I don't enter many competitions now, I still enjoy shooting regularly at the club and help to run beginners courses.

Libby Clarkson, Tournaments Officer
I am fairly new to the sport and joined the club in 2007. I am always interested in trying out new sports and activities and decided to give archery a try on a beginner’s course. I am not a natural that’s for sure, but I like a challenge and will keep on working at it hoping for a breakthrough one day.
When I volunteered to become tournaments officer I hadn’t actually attended a tournament, I did wonder what I was doing, but I often throw myself in at the deep end with things.
I hope to attend more tournaments myself in the future and I would encourage anyone else to do so to encourage a competitive streak and meet a wide variety of people.

Dave Martel, Records Officer
I started archery in early 2005 as rehabilitation for a snapped Achilles tendon and as a way of meeting people in Malvern. Both have been highly successful, as I met a sociable, friendly bunch and I got hooked on archery. I am now expecting to retire from cricket after more than 30 years to spend more time with my other families (home and archery).

I am lucky to work from home as a computer programmer for an American company, so I can sometimes re-arrange my time to go to the archery field during the day, if opportunity arises. The downside is that I sometimes have to travel abroad when I would rather be at a tournament...

"Brain the size of a planet, and I have to be records officer."

Mike Sharpe, Grounds Officer
Mike is currently writing his blurb (when he's not on holiday that is!).

Mike Marsh, Equipment Officer
Having moved with my family to Malvern from Birmingham in 2004, we were busy exploring the area when I stumbled innocently into an Archery 'have a go' at Eastnor Castle. Well having missed completely with two out of three of my arrows, I knew this was the sport for me.

As a computer programmer type, I was able to spend the bulk of my next three months at work reading everything I could about Archery and honing my skills with a fibre-glass bow set in the garden.

In October 2005 I followed Ashley onto one of Janice's beginner's courses and it was immediately clear that knowing the theory was one thing, putting it into practice quite another. There was obviously far more to this sport and I knew that I was embarking on a long term project. Any romantic notions of achieving notoriety with a longbow were
banished when I held my nice shiny blue Recurve bow and started improving my target skills. 

After 20 months of rollercoaster scores, in competitions and down at the field, I can't imagine what I did with my time before Archery, or what excuses I used then to find my way into the Nags Head.

Jason R., Junior Representative
I was born November 1994 in Malvern where I attend Dyson Perrins High School.  I have been enjoying archery since 2005, when aged 10, I saw an advert in the local paper for archery lessons.  I had a go and after my lessons I joined Malvern archers. I participate in tournaments most weekends and I shoot for Worcestershire county team.  I shoot a recurve bow.

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