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This list isn't exhaustive, but we're going to add terms that you might want to know about archery.  If we're missing something, let us know...

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Anchor Point: a spot on the arches face to which the string is brought prior to every shot
Archer: someone who practises archery
Arrow Rest: a device that fits on the side of the bow and on which the arrow rests prior to release
Arrow: Sharp, long straight sticks with fletches that are shot from a bow

Barebow: a style of shooting that forbids the use of sights or other attachments, mainly seen in field archery.
Bow sight: a device fitted to the front of the bow to assist in aiming
Brace: to brace is to bend it so that the string fits tightly between the nocks located at each end of the limbs

Compound: A type of bow originally designed for hunting, but now very popular in old types of archery competition. It uses a system of cams or pulleys that can reduce the actual draw weight of the bow when fully drawn by as much as 80%

Dark side: See compound
Draw Weight: The force required to draw a bow to a measured distance (normally 28 inches).

End: A set number of arrows shot before scoring

Fast: The word shouted by any archer who may spot a dangerous situation. If “fast” is shouted, there is an immediate halt to all shooting until the danger has passed
Fibreglass Bow: A one piece bow made of fibreglass and used a lot for beginners
Field Captain: Elected by the club (or one of the judges in a competition) this person is responsible for controlling shooting, normally by use of the whistle
Finger Tab: See Tab.
Fletchings: Made of feathers or plastic, these vanes are fitted to the arrow shafts to assist stability in flight

GNAS: The Grand National Archery Society are one of the governing bodies for archery in the UK





Long bow: A very popular traditional bow dating back to medieval times. Normally about 6ft. in length and as with bare bow no attachments are allowed
Loose: See Release


Nock: 1) a plastic attachment that fits into the end of the arrow and allows it to clip on to the string, 2) a grooved slot into which the bow string loops fit at either end the bow when it is braced, 3) to fit an arrow to the bow string
Nocking Point: The position on the bow string where the arrow is attached prior to each shot. This spot is normally marked by the use of thread or metal/plastic clips


Pile: The metal tip of the arrow. Different weights can be fitted to help improve the flight of the arrow.
Pressure Button: A spring loaded device fitted next to the arrow rest that assists the arrow when leaving the bow

Quiver: normally worn on a belt at the waist, it hold arrows and other small items of equipment

Recurve Bow: The type of bow used predominantly in the sport. It can be a one piece bow, or more popularly as a takedown where the two ends can be removed from the centre section (or riser).
Reference Point: See Anchor point
Release: the point at which the string leaves the fingers (also called the loose)
Release Aid: A mechanical device used by compound bow archers in the “unlimited” category. It is used to draw the bow and loose the arrow, and provides for an exceptionally clean release
Round: a set number of arrows shot (usually) at a variety of distances, and (sometimes) at targets of varying sizes. Each round is known by a different name

Sight: See Bow Sight

Tab: Worn on the fingers of the drawing hand and normally made of a piece of shaped leather. It allows for a smooth consistent release of the string, and helps protects the fingers from callous formation.
Target Boss: Traditionally made of compressed straw and of circular construction. It should prevent total penetration of arrows through the target. The target face is usually fixed using plastic pins. Sometimes construction is rectangular and of high density foam.







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