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Sometimes it is good to try something, just to see if you like it. Archery is no different.

At Malvern Archers, we often run what we call "Have-A Go's". If you organise an event in the Malvern area, whether it be a school fete, a specialist show at the three Counties Showground, a corporate day out or simply a family fun-day, we can come along with all of the required equipment and let your visitors, staff, or friends shoot a few arrows (under supervision and basic instruction).
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We can put these events on either at our own club ground in Malvern or at another venue. In the latter case, there are obviously some requirements to be met for safety reasons. Outdoors, we need an area at least 70 metres long and at least 30 metres wide which is fenced off so that no-one can get into the area behind the targets. We provide backstop netting for additional safety and to prevent arrows being lost in the grass. Indoor venues may also be suitable, provided they are at least 20 metres long and 10 metres wide with access from one end only.

We do levy a small charge. We're not trying to make millions of pounds for the club, but obviously there are costs involved with providing the targets, bows, arrows and the other equipment we bring along. At school fetes and other charitable events, we generally charge a fixed amount for each six arrows and donate part of the proceedings to the organisers, while for a corporate event with a limited number of participants, we would negotiate an amount for the whole event.

If you would like to talk to us about Having-A-Go, please contact our Club Secretary who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Recent Have-A-Go's have included the Landrover Owners Show at the Three Counties Showground and Welland School fete.
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